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Management Team

The Zenith Bank management team is made up of seasoned individuals determined to deliver superior financial solutions to both businesses and individuals. Our success stems from the experience, leadership, and vision of its staff.

Zenith Bank leverages the talents of world-renowned group of financial experts, legal and technology experts to deliver industry-leading solutions and services for its consumer and business customers.

Below are our Board of Directors and Management team.
Bullet Mr. George Meze – MD/CEO
Bullet Mr. Babatunde Adejumo – Director
Bullet Mr. Manilus Garber – Chairman
Bullet Justice Prof Dr. H.M Joko Smart – Director
Bullet Mr. Winston Newman-Samuels - Director
Bullet Mr. Marvis Iboje - Director
Bullet Mr. Ekpenisi Igumbor - Executive Director
Bullet Mr. George Meze – MD/CEO
Bullet Mr. Ekpenisi Igumbor - Country Head of Operations /Executive Director
Bullet Ms Elizabeth Squire - Head - Marketing Group
Bullet Mr. Taofik Oluwatoyin Bahir - Head - Internal Control and Audit
Bullet Mr. Olumola Chris Olukotun – Head – Information Technology
Bullet Mr. Saidu Kamara – Head - Financial Control and Strategic Planning
Bullet Mr. Adewumi Olaleye – Head – Treasury and Trade Services
Bullet Mr. Bultman Derick – Head - Legal
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Contact Us -:
Email: enquiry@zenithbank.com.sl
+232 25 338655 - MD/CEO's Office
+232 25 338660 - Customer Services
+232 25 261914 - Infotech Dept.
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