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Retail Banking
Zenith Bank's Retail Banking unit offers the basic banking services such as Foreign and local currency accounts-Saving, Current, Call and Fixed deposit accounts
Bullet Funds Transfers
Bullet Funds Special Cheque Clearing
Bullet Draft Issuance Service, Manager's Cheque issuance(Payment order) etc
Bullet Cheque-In Savings Account
Bullet Zenith Children's Account (ZECA)
Bullet Cash and Liquidity Management Services.
Bullet E-banking Products:
- Internet Banking
- Mobile Banking
- Automated Direct Payment System
- Reconciliation Tool
- Deposit Notification
- Monthly Statement Download
- Eazy Transfer on Internet Banking
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Contact Us -:
Email: enquiry@zenithbank.com.sl
Telephone:(+23225) - 338660, 338655, 261914

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