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Zenith Diaspora Account
Zenith Diaspora Account:
Bullet Why Zenith Diaspora Account?
Bullet Is Zenith Diaspora For Me?
Bullet How Will Zenith Diaspora Account Benefit Me?
Bullet What Are the Account's Main Features?
Bullet How Can I Open A Zenith Diaspora Account?
Bullet Fees & Charges
Bullet How Do I Deposit Funds Into My Account?
Bullet Using Zenith Online
Bullet Security Measures
Bullet What Are My Computer requirements?
Bullet Terms & Conditions of the Account
Bullet Frequently Asked Questions
Bullet Contact Us
1. Why Zenith Diaspora Account?
Money makes the world go round. But what happens when there isn't the right vehicle for money to travel effectively?
Operating a foreign currency account nowadays doesn't quite attend to the needs of Sierra Leoneans living abroad. It is cumbersome to settle domestic bills in Sierra Leone, remit funds to business partners, for investment and loved ones, and so on.
But not anymore. We have just the right vehicle for you with the new Zenith Diaspora Account.
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2. Is Zenith Diaspora For Me?
Zenith Diaspora is designated mainly for you if you are a Sierra Leonean residing in a foreign country and in paid employment, legitimate business or studying. You can be working and living abroad permanently, working abroad under contract within a specified period of time, running businesses in foreign countries or a student.
Operating a Zenith Diaspora account offers you the opportunity of maintaining an account in Sierra Leone, while resident abroad.
3. How Will Zenith Diaspora Benefit Me?
Bullet An all in one account that is a combination of current and savings and loan accounts in Leones.
Bullet A unique leone account with a minimum balance of one million, five hundred thousand Leones or its equivalent in foreign currency.
Bullet Connected foreign currency accounts in USD, Euro and GBP
Bullet Negotiable interest rate balances accounts! Interest payable monthly.
Bullet Zero commission on turnover (COT) for the accounts.
Bullet Free account to account transfer within Zenith Bank
Bullet Highly secure and convenient online access to account services.
Bullet Fixed transfer rate at SLL2,500 outside Zenith Bank in Sierra Leone.
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4. Account's Main Features
Operating a Zenith Diaspora account gives you the privilege of owning two separate accounts namely:
Bullet Foreign Currency Account and Leones. Customers can do online transfer from their
  Zenith Diaspora foreign currency account to their Leones account.
Bullet Initial inflow of foreign currency must come from your pre-specified account on the account opening
  form with a commercial bank abroad into your Zenith Diaspora account.
Bullet Your account can be opened in any of the three (3) key foreign denominated currencies Dollar ($),
  Pound Sterling (£) or Euro ().
Bullet The benefit of the Leones account is that it enables you send money online in Leones within Zenith
  Bank and to local beneficiaries.
Bullet Opening balance for Zenith Diaspora is 1 million, five hundred thousand Leones or its equivalent in foreign currency
Bullet There is no limit to number of withdrawals to qualify for interest.
Bullet Outbound transfer is allowed subject to the existing bank's policy and BSL guidelines.
Bullet Accounts must be personal and operated by individuals in their personal capacity.
Bullet The account allows bank transfers, cheque deposit and other forms of banking channels.
Bullet The product offers you the opportunity to access money market investments.
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5. How Can I Open An Account?
Log on to Zenith Bank web site (www.zenithbank.com.sl), click on Zenith Diaspora link page and fill an online account opening form specifying your personal details including your primary account details abroad, which must be the account from which the first inflow must emanate.
An account opening request notification will be sent to your email, confirming receipt of your account opening request. You will also receive two links. The first link has a copy of the system-generated completed account opening form. The second link will enable you to upload the endorsed account opening form and required documents.
Scan and upload the endorsed account opening form along with soft copies of your account opening documents:
Bullet A recent passport photograph
Bullet Bio-data page of international passport
Bullet A copy of visa pages/proof of residency
Bullet A copy of drivers' license or copy of recent utility bill or bank statement, which must not be more than six months
You will thereafter receive fund transfer details.
Upon receipt of the account opening request and initial fund, your Zenith Diaspora account is opened. An email will be sent notifying you that your account has been opened.
Upon receipt of inflow from customer, we would verify if the transfer came from your primary account, after which your account would be credited with the amount transferred. You would be notified immediately of the credit into your account by email.
We would carry out an elementary background check on you through our agent to ascertain your eligibility to operate Zenith Diaspora.
6. The Required Account Opening Documents
The documents required to open a Zenith Diaspora account are as listed below;
Bullet A signed application form to be uploaded online.
Bullet A recent passport photograph.
Bullet A copy of bio-data page of your international passport,
Bullet Copy of visa page/proof of residency.
Bullet Proof of address, either a recent utility bill, bank statement (which must not be more than six months) or drivers' license.
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7. Fees and Charges
Bullet A fixed transfer rate at SLL 2,500 for transfer outside Zenith Bank but within Sierra Leone.
Bullet Zero Withdrawal charge on amount paid out to customer.
  Free account to account transfer within Zenith bank
Bullet Other transaction-related fees and charges would be dependent of type of transaction, and would
  be advised on request.
8. Managing My Account...
My User ID and Password
You are required to change your password upon your initial login to Zenith Diaspora account. You will be prompted to change your password every thirty (30) days. You determine your password; the identity of your password is never communicated to us.
Zenith Online will prompt you to create a password that could be alphabets, numeric or combination of both. Your password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters long. Your user ID and password should not be associated with any commonly known personal identification, such as social security numbers, addresses, date of birth or names of children. Your password should be memorized rather than written down.
Your password will be locked after three (3) unsuccessful attempts to sign-on to internet banking. To reactivate your access to your account, you must contact us to obtain a new temporary password.
You should keep your user ID and password
1) secure and strictly confidential, providing it only to authorized users on your account(s);
2) instruct each person to whom you give this information to that he or she is not to disclose it to any unauthorized person; and
3) immediately notify us if you believe your user ID and password may have become known to an unauthorized person.
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We may suspend or cancel your access without receiving such notice from you if we suspect it is being used in an unauthorized or fraudulent manner. You will accept responsibility for the confidentiality and security of your password.
You must affirm that we are authorized to act on instructions received under your password.
WARNING: Certain internet browsers will prompt you to save password. If you save your password, it will be stored in your computer. This may allow anyone who obtains access to your computer to use your browser to sign on to your online account in your name and under your password, thereby accessing your account without your knowledge or permission. Zenith Bank would not know that the instructions were not from you, and would follow them just as if they came from you. We therefore strongly urge you not to save your password in your browser's memory, even though it may save you time.
How Do I Deposit Funds Into My Account?
You can deposit funds into the Zenith Diaspora foreign currency account by:
Bullet Wire transfers from your accounts abroad through our correspondent banks, using any of the
  details below:
  Commerzbank Frankfurt Account
  Name: Zenith Bank (SL) Ltd
Account Number: 4008842098
For further credit to: ........ (Final Beneficiary)
(Name & Account No. of Beneficiary)
  Zenith Bank (UK) Ltd
  39 Cornhill
London, EC3V 3NU
Swift code: ZEIBGB2L
Account Name: Zenith Bank (SL) Ltd
Account No.: 100583
For further credit to: ....... (Final Beneficiary)
(Name & Account No. of Beneficiary)
Bullet You can deposit cash and cheques for clearing into your account.
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9. Using Zenith Internet Banking
Click on www.zenithbank.com.sl and click on Retail Banking Login, input your user ID and password. Our internet banking would enable you perform a variety of functions like:
Bullet Fund transfer
Bullet Transfer from foreign currency to Leones account
Bullet Check account balance
Bullet Check transaction history on account
Bullet Download statement to your computer
Bullet Contact the bank via email
Bullet Print statement
We offer this service free of charge to all Zenith Diaspora customers. However, please note the following:
Bullet Your account is case sensitive and will lock if PASSWORD is not in the right case.
Bullet Your account locks after three (3) unsuccessful attempts of inputting password.
Bullet You can reset your PASSWORD by answering one of your secret question.
Funds Transfer Menu: This menu is used to transfer funds between your related accounts within the bank and does not require a second level password from you.
Third Party Funds Transfer: This menu is used to transfer funds to other account holders within the bank. This action usually requires a second level password from you called TRANSACTION CODE.
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10. Security Measures and Documentation
Security Measures
ID Verification reinforces the true identity of the applicants and provides support for internationally acceptable account opening requirements.
First inflow must originate from the pre specified bank account this proofs that the prospective customer is the rightful owner of the pre specified bank account. The specified primary bank must be confirmed to be a full commercial bank not a credit union or any such financial institutions.
Your reference number is displayed on the screen immediately the application process is completed online.
Use of eChannels is subjected to regular security features i.e. PIN, Password, etc., ensuring non access by unauthorized third party.
In case of loss of PIN or password, a reset password will be sent to pre-specified email address provided during application processing.
11. Computer Requirements
At a minimum, the following software and hardware requirements to access Zenith Diaspora Account are:
Bullet Pentium PC or Macintosh Computer
Bullet Windows 98 or higher
Bullet Macintosh OS X 10.1
Bullet Web Browser
• Internet Explorer version 6.0 or greater
• Netscape Navigator version 7.0 or greater
• AOL 8.0 or greater
• Mozilla Firefox 1.0
• Safari 1.2
• Modem, 28.8 or faster
• Internet Access through an Internet Service Provider
• 128 bit encrypted browser
You are responsible for obtaining, installing, maintaining and operating all computer hardware, software and Internet access services necessary for performing online services.
Zenith Bank will notify you of any future changes to these software and hardware requirements electronically by posting the notice on the Bank's website or by email.
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12. Terms & Conditions of the Account
. You must endorse the downloaded form and send to Zenith Diaspora desk with required documentations before you can receive channel log-on or be able to carry out any sort of transaction on the account.
. Your first inflow must come from the pre specified primary account before account can be credited/activated.
. All applications must be subjected to ID verification process to ensure international account opening requirement is met.
Account must be opened in your name. fer from foreign currency accounts to non-resident bank is allowed.
. Joint account is not allowed.
. You must not open an account if less than eighteen years of age. . Account statements are available online only.
. Forms and channels of deposits into your account must conform to Central Bank of Sierra Leone (BSL) rules and regulations.
Transactions exceeding specified amount as directed by BSL and other approved agencies will be reported to the agencies.
. Cheques deposited cannot be used or withdrawn unless the cheques are cleared.
. While you shall have unfettered access to foreign currency balances including remittances to beneficiaries at any location, the foreign currency account shall be operated in strict compliance with existing foreign exchange regulations as may be set by the BSL from time to time.
. Proceeds into the account must come only through the channels permitted by BSL.
. Deposit of foreign currency cash/travelers cheques by you exceeding specified limit by relevant agencies shall be reported to such agencies.
. Transfer of Naira denominated to foreign accounts is not allowed but transfer from foreign currency accounts to non-resident bank is allowed.
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